November pet food pantry

Our most awesome volunteer delivered another 962 lbs of food to CCS on November 2 bringing our yearly total to 8,991 lbs.

October pet food pantry

Our most awesome ODTR volunteer took 779 lbs of food to CCS bringing our yearly total to 7,929 lbs.

September pet food bank and spay/neuter transport

With the 150 lbs of cat food we delivered this month to CCS that bring us to 7,150 lbs of food donated this year. We had 16 on the September spay/neuter transport bringing our total this year to 91 animals, we still have the Oct transport and it is already nearly full.

Updates on pet food pantry donation and spay/neuter transport

So far this year we have had 75 animals use our transport to HOPE For Animals to be spayed or neutered. We still have two more transports this year, so hopefully we are making a dent in all the unwanted animals that would end up in our shelter. We have provided 7,000 lbs of dog […]

Cat food donation to pet food pantry

We made a delivery of 540 lbs cat food to CCS bringing our yearly total to: 6,870 lbs.

June pet food bank & spay and neuter transport

We were able to make another trip to Indy to pick up much needed cat food for the CCS clients we delivered 544 lbs. of cat food bringing our yearly total to 6,330 lbs. AND we sent 15 animals on this months transport bringing our yearly total to 46 animals.

May pet food bank

Our volunteers picked up pet food from Indianapolis this month and delivered 900 pounds of food to our pet food bank at Combined Community Services this month!  We are so glad that we are able to continue to provide this food to the pet food bank for the pets of our community!  Our total for […]

Spay and neuter transports for May and April

In April, we sent 8 animals on the transport and in May, we sent 6 animals. Our numbers are down from previous months and we are always looking to fill our transport capacity. Check us out on facebook for details on the June transport for your opportunity to have your pets spayed or neutered at […]

April pet food bank

One of our awesome supporters took her horse trailer to pick up food for us in Indy this week.  She picked up 3,160 lbs of food and delivered it to the Combined Community Services pet food bank. This brings our yearly total to 4,836 lbs.

Spay and neuter transport

For our first spay and neuter transport of the year, we sent 17 dogs and cats!