November pet food pantry donation

During the week of November 28, 2016, two of our volunteers picked up about 300 lbs of cat food last week from Indy. In addition to that cat food, we took 434 lbs of dog food from our storage until to the pet food pantry at Combined Community Services, bringing our yearly total to 6,942.5 […]

October spay/neuter transport

On October 19th, we had 19 animals on the spay/neuter transport. This brings our year-to-date total to 135 animals!!

October pet food pantry donation

Today, one of volunteers took 162.5 lbs. of cat food to Combined Community Services.  This brings our total donations to the food bank this year to: 5,815.5 lbs.

September pet food pantry donation

We delivered 358 lbs of dog food today bringing our yearly total to 5,653 lbs.

September spay/neuter transport

We had 19 animals on our September spay and neuter transport. Our yearly total is 116!

August pet food pantry donation

We were able to take 672 lbs of dog food and 390 lbs. cat food to the pet food bank bringing our yearly total to 5,295 lbs!!!

August spay/neuter transport

On our August 17, 2016, spay and neuter transport to H.O.P.E. in Fort Wayne, we had 15 animals, which brings our 2016 total of animals transported to 96!

July spay/neuter transport

In our July spay/neuter transport, 13 went.  This brings our total for 2016 to 82 animals.

July pet food pantry donation

In July, we took 425 lbs. of dog and cat food to the pet food pantry bringing our yearly total to 4,233 lbs.

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