Please note that we are located in Warsaw, Indiana.
There are other One Dog at a Time rescues located in other states that are not affiliated with our rescue.

Before filling out an application please be sure that you are applying to the correct rescue. 


To submit an adoption application, you may:

Open the pdf version of the application here to print it.  Fill out the application by hand and then mail it to us or scan and email it to us.

Fill out the online application, below, and submit it to us online.  Our application is pretty lengthy, so be prepared to spend some time completing it online.  We do not have an option for you to save the application for completing and submitting at a later time.

Once you submit your application, one of our volunteers will be in contact with you.  If you have any questions regarding your application, please email our team at  Thank you!



Meet and Greet Location*
ODTR recommends a fence, either traditional or electronic, for families with children under the age of ten (10) years. This is for the protection of both the children and the animal.
1. Do your Rent or Own*
Rental homes and apartments often have restrictions on pets. Please do not be offended. We are required to verify home ownership. If renting, please provide the following information.
2. Who else lives with you?
3. Has anyone living with you ever harmed an animal?*
4. Employment Information
5. List previous pets. Include their breed and what happened to them? (last 5 years only)
Pet 1
Pet 1: Spay/Neuter?
Pet 2
Pet 2: Spay/Neuter?
Pet 3
Pet 3: Spay/Neuter?
Pet 4
Pet 4: Spay/Neuter?
Pet 5
6. List current pets
Current Pet 1
Pet 1: Current on Shots?
Pet 1: Spay/Neuter?
Current Pet 2
Pet 2: Current on Shots?
Pet 2: Spay/Neuter?
Current Pet 3
Pet 3: Current on Shots?
Pet 3: Spay/Neuter
Current Pet 4
Pet 4: Current on Shots?
Pet 4: Spay/Neuter?
Current Pet 5
Pet 5: Current on Shots?
Pet 5: Spay/Neuter?
If you have more than 5 current pets, please specify what and how many and circumstances.
7. Veterinary Information
We will verify this information with your current vet. Your signature on this application gives us the authority to do so. Please contact him/her asking to give ODTR permission for them to answer questions regarding your pet owner status. In addition to your vet reference, please provide three references (preferably not related to you and not an ODTR representative).
Relationship #1
Relationship #2
Relationship #3
8. Is someone home during day?
9. Fenced yard?*
10. Describe your exercise plan for your dog?
11. Describe plans for care of your dog while away.
12. Are you willing to obtain a crate and crate train your dog? (Not required but highly recommended) *
13. Are you willing to have an ODTR representative visit your home (by appointment)?*
If possible, a home visit is required by ODTR. If a home visit is not possible due to distance or other circumstances, ODTR may contact another rescue group in your area for the home visit.
14. What behaviors would cause you to give up your dog?
15. . Describe the type dog that would fit best with your family.
16. Comments: Please provide anything additional you would like to tell us about your family, your pets, or your lifestyle that would impact the care and affection given to this dog.
Meet and Greet Description
Once your adoption application has been approved and all references checked, a Meet and Greet will be scheduled, if distance is not a problem. This Meet and Greet will involve a home visit to your house with the foster parent, the animal, and an ODTR representative. The purpose of this Meet and Greet will be to see how your home would fit for the animal and to meet any pets that you already have along with all of your household members. This Meet and Greet is NOT acceptance of your application for the specific animal that you have requested. There may be other potential adopters, or we may just not feel that this particular animal is right for you and your household. The dog WILL NOT be left at your home at the conclusion of this Meet and Greet. Once all Meet and Greets for a specific animal is complete, a review of all acceptable homes will be conducted by the ODTR Adoption Coordinators and the proper home for the animal will be approved. You will be notified within seven (7) days after all Meet and Greets are completed as to our decision. I understand the Meet and Greet process.
Please initial each paragraph to confirm that you have read and understand.
We would not knowingly place an animal with a serious health condition. It may not be known if a stray or previously owned animal has been exposed to an illness or has a hidden genetic disorder. Under these circumstances, we cannot guarantee the health of this pet. You may have veterinary expenses for basic concerns such as ear mites or intestinal parasites (worms). If your veterinarian determines a more extensive illness at initial examination, please return the pet for an adoption refund or let us help you find another pet. You may choose to keep the pet and additional costs incurred will be your responsibility.
I understand, as previously explained, that you will be contacting my veterinarian for vaccination and health history of the pets that I currently own or have owned in the past. I release my veterinarian to provide that information to you. I am aware that if prior to placement of a pet from ODTR, my currently owned pets must be current on needed vaccines. To protect my animals at home, if they are not current, same species adoptions will require a waiting period for my own pets to gain immunities provided by the vaccines.
The information I have given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that ODTR reserves the right to approve or reject this application. Applications are often approved pending current pet vaccinations, fence repairs, and landlord deposits. In fairness to the animals, the selected pet may be “held” overnight to allow for time to take care of these items. An individual animal will not be taken out of adoptable status and held for an extended period of time.
If any misrepresentations have been made, ODTR reserves the right to demand the immediate return of any adopted dog back to ODTR.
ODTR reserves the right to refuse or deny any application for any reason.
I have read and understand the Adoption Application of ODTR and agree to them.
Required *